The Analysis Stage – Capturing the Value of Your Startup

Introduction In the first post of our Founder-first series, we dissected the Ideation stage of a startup. A quick summary on how that stage is referenced could be the evolution of an idea into a concept ...

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Is Covid-19 ‘The Great Recession’ moment for Health-Tech?

Introduction :  Over the last 18 months, we have gone from a nation where most people didn’t attempt to decipher doctor’s prescriptions or fully understand their diagnosis, to using pulse oximeters and reading reams of information ...

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An eye in the Sky

In this, we elaborate on our experience of working with a startup in the logistics industry, an industry which has been lagging behind in the curve of digitalization. here we will give you the insights ...

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Market-Opportunity – Market-Opportunity The Experiential route to Engagement

Introduction Identifying customer engagement as a grey area in the marketing domain, our client, a young product company wanted to tackle this issue through efficient and effective use of digital technologies. They had a sense that the ...

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Business Model Transformation – Business Model Transformation Challenging the accepted norms | Enabling digital finance

  Introduction   Our client, a fintech startup, observed inefficiencies in lending practices broadly accepted as ‘standards’ across the financial services sector. Despite the adoption of technology in the broader financial services industry for the better part of ...

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Market-Intelligence – Market-Intelligence Building a Collaborative ecosystem

Introduction   With technology redefining the way we work, our client a product startup identified that workplaces need not necessarily conform to a physical location. As a result, they identified the need for a digital productivity tool ...

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