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Our client, a fintech startup, observed inefficiencies in lending practices broadly accepted as ‘standards’ across the financial services sector. Despite the adoption of technology in the broader financial services industry for the better part of two decades, the scope for improvement was significant. This led to the logical conclusion that there was a notable opportunity for ‘Business Model Transformation’.

The client’s objective was to disrupt these archaic practices through the deployment of tech-led, innovative models. Plariis was brought on board to enable a viable, realizable pathway to realize the identified objective.



The Plariis Approach starts with the deliberation of variables and details with relevant stakeholders to crystallize the core requirements for the project. Client interviews along with robust secondary research were analyzed. The insights gleaned were then used to put together a conceptual framework for the new business model along with the contextual familiarity of the current market landscape.

A hypothesis-driven approach was then put together where many concepts, distilled over a period of time are fleshed out all while keeping the core objectives intact.




Plariis successfully identified the merits in the client’s intent and articulated a value proposition backed with relevant facts which was presented to stakeholders. Plariis is now involved in helping the client with operationalizing phase 1 of the plan required to bring the new model to market.

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