The Analysis Stage – Capturing the Value of Your Startup

Introduction   In the first post of our Founder-first series, we dissected the Ideation stage of a startup. A quick summary on how that stage is referenced could be the evolution of an idea into a concept and then it is classified as an opportunity. If you haven’t read our articles on Ideation, we recommend you do that before reading this post. You can find them here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). Picking ...

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Is Covid-19 ‘The Great Recession’ moment for Health-Tech?

Introduction :  Over the last 18 months, we have gone from a nation where most people didn’t attempt to decipher doctor’s prescriptions or fully understand their diagnosis, to using pulse oximeters and reading reams of information on dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. The reluctance to read prescriptions wasn’t necessarily due to laziness or the inability to decrypt illegible handwritings that doctors are notoriously known for, but it was symbolic of our absolute ...

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The Ideation Stage of a Startup – Part 2 : Journey from an Idea › Concept › Opportunity

Introduction : In Part one of the Ideation stage, we discussed what an idea means to a founder and how one can assess its strength on certain preliminary parameters. If your idea passes through the initial filtering process, the next step is to develop it into a concept following which the concept is put to test to discover the opportunity it holds. In this post, we’ll unravel the transformation process of an ...

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The Ideation Stage of a Startup – Part 1 : Looking at an Idea through the lens of a founder

Introduction   This is the first piece of our Founder-first series that journeys through the five major stages of a startup – Ideation, Analysis, Planning, Execution and Growth. The Ideation stage can be defined as the transformation of an idea into a concept and then into an opportunity. How a founder thinks about an idea, how they approach it and how they explore it is what differentiates an entrepreneur from the others. In this ...

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TATA Super App

Dawn of the Super App – Why Tata’s latest acquisition has made everyone sit up and take notice?

Introduction :    Tata is in the last leg of signing the dotted line on its much-talked-about deal with India’s largest online grocer, Bigbasket. The deal will give Tata Digital—Tata’s endeavor to build a digital ecosystem for Indian consumers and businesses—a 68% stake in the e-grocery startup for Rs. 9,500 crore. The 153-year old Tata Group is also on the verge of finalizing another deal with e-pharmacy 1mg for a $200-$250 million ...

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Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the Chasm – “Chasm crossing is not the end, but rather the beginning, of mainstream market development.” – Geoffrey A. Moore

The Startup Cycle:   Every start-up is the dream of an entrepreneur. The success of the venture, however, depends on reaching the critical mass of consumers to make the endeavor feasible. Apart from the critical consumers, the success of a startup also depends on the different phases the company goes through. In his 1962 book, “Diffusion of Innovations” professor and author, Everett Rogers has defined the product adoption cycle and these phases ...

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edTech – How Ring Masters, were responsible for saving the day

Introduction   COVID-19 is a ‘Black Swan Event’ that will be etched in memory for those who’ve endured it. The pandemic ravaged every business sector - aviation, tourism, manufacturing, transportation, etc to name a few. However, the most notable impact from a human developmental standpoint was the education sector. According to the Human Rights Survey, more than 1.4 billion students opted out of school in the initial phase of the pandemic. Whilst the ...

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Kirana store , retail

The Kirana on a Kinara? – The Reliance-Future deal, modern trade and what it means for the small trader

Introduction    Reliance Industries in late 2020 acquired Future Group for Rs 24,713/- crores, making the Reliance- Future retail conglomerate almost five times bigger than its closest competitor Avenue Supermarts, which operates DMart. Other competitors in this segment include e-tailers such as Flipkart and Amazon who are also upping their game to make the Indian retail market a 4-way battle. Nonetheless, the biggest competitor for these Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations comes from the unorganized ...

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The Scale vs. Sustainability Conundrum – Resetting startup Priorities in Covidian Times

Introduction :   As we begin 2021 a quick lookback at the year 2020 reveals how early signs of buoyancy in the Indian startup ecosystem could be misleading signs. For the first time ever, the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) global innovation index listed India in the top 50 innovation hubs. That’s a giant leap for a country on the road towards becoming a new superpower in the coming decade. Well, all that ...

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India at the heart of Amazon’s Fintech Stratergy

Introduction:   When the Indian government banned high-value currency notes in November 2016, devaluing 86% of the total currency in circulation, India was set forced onto the path of digitalization. However, this boost for digital payments that demonetization provided is yet to reach its full potential largely due to infrastructural and security challenges. As a result, in 2020, India is still a cash-heavy economy with nearly 190 million adults without a bank account. With ...

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