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With technology redefining the way we work, our client a product startup identified that workplaces need not necessarily conform to a physical location. As a result, they identified the need for a digital productivity tool that was targeted primarily at start-ups and SMB’s. Plariis was brought on board by the client to identify market trends, the competitive landscape, and the potential for growth for their proposition.



A digital workplace is the basic set of digital tools employees use to get work done. Our approach towards gathering data and relevant information sets began by putting together a framework to cover most aspects of the concept of what comprises a ‘Digital Workplace’. These also included features and functionalities that businesses today deem necessary for better communication and greater collaboration.

Secondary research and expert interviews were undertaken to establish the product’s conceptualization. The information shared was used by the client to further develop the product in accordance with overall market needs. It also enabled the client to identify and lay down a functional pricing structure for the product.



Plariis honed the idea of the product – from a productivity tool that facilitated employee engagement to a full-fledged digital workplace platform.

The value hypothesis was centred on the paradigm shift that the ‘enterprise collaboration tools market’ was shifting from using multiple applications for fulfilling business needs to a better alternative represented by a collaborative platform solution – one that contains several functions and applications that provide an intuitive & holistic experience.

The insights shared with the founder gave him a better understanding of the overall market scenario along with the potential for future innovation.


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