Market-Opportunity – Market-Opportunity The Experiential route to Engagement


Identifying customer engagement as a grey area in the marketing domain, our client, a young product company wanted to tackle this issue through efficient and effective use of digital technologies.

They had a sense that the market for SaaS based solutions in the customer engagement space had great potential in the digital era of consumerism and wanted to identify where and how they could bring value to this ecosystem. They brought Plariis onboard to identify certain business cases where technology could be leveraged to bring in a sense of rationality to the customer engagement process.


In a world where digital drives behaviour, products and services are ubiquitous on both offline and online mediums. Our work involved identifying how a seamless intuitive customer engagement experience could be developed by the scalable use of technology. However, building such a product requires an intricate understanding of how businesses interact with their customers in the real world.

Once this empirical understanding and the central concept was established by Plariis through in-depth research, the same was used by the client to further develop details across the product roadmap to satisfy the end needs of businesses – ranging from ‘customer acquisition to customer loyalty’.



The synthesized analysis by Plariis pointed towards identification of ‘Return on experience’ rather than ‘Return on investment’ as the suitable metric along with ‘Customer Orchestration’ as the viable first step towards building lasting engagements.

The value proposition demystified the virtuous cycle of customer engagement and how both B2B and B2C businesses could look to develop these approaches.

The findings articulated gave them a better understanding on the potential for their business activities along with helping them to identify next phases for their product development.

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