Growth Stage Investing

Growth Stage investments are probably the most well-defined stage of Venture Capital financing and largely focuses on the quantum of funds and their intended use. Click below to view some attributes that investors look for when ...

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Early Stage Investing

How investors assess the potential in an early-stage startup and Key factors that affect the investment decision: Click below to view some early-stage investing represented by smaller VC who identify their start-up targets who generally have ...

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The Ideation Stage of a Startup – Part 2 : Journey from an Idea › Concept › Opportunity

Introduction : In Part one of the Ideation stage, we discussed what an idea means to a founder and how one can assess its strength on certain preliminary parameters. If your idea passes through the initial ...

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The Ideation Stage of a Startup – Part 1 : Looking at an Idea through the lens of a founder

Introduction   This is the first piece of our Founder-first series that journeys through the five major stages of a startup – Ideation, Analysis, Planning, Execution and Growth. The Ideation stage can be defined as the transformation of ...

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Angel Investing

What angel investors are likely to consider looking at an investment opportunity? What are the topmost priorities according to you? Click below to know the investor preferences at the seed stage  

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TATA Super App

Dawn of the Super App – Why Tata’s latest acquisition has made everyone sit up and take notice?

Introduction :    Tata is in the last leg of signing the dotted line on its much-talked-about deal with India’s largest online grocer, Bigbasket. The deal will give Tata Digital—Tata’s endeavor to build a digital ecosystem for ...

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