The Scale vs. Sustainability Conundrum – Resetting startup Priorities in Covidian Times

Introduction :   As we begin 2021 a quick lookback at the year 2020 reveals how early signs of buoyancy in the Indian startup ecosystem could be misleading signs. For the first time ever, the World Intellectual ...

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India at the heart of Amazon’s Fintech Stratergy

Introduction:   When the Indian government banned high-value currency notes in November 2016, devaluing 86% of the total currency in circulation, India was set forced onto the path of digitalization. However, this boost for digital payments that demonetization ...

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Investment preferences by VC

How investment preferences have shifted across the Venture Capital World

Introduction    The pandemic-induced ‘Great Lockdown’ has ensured that things have been anything but normal for most businesses across the globe. In these uncertain times, the venture capital community too has sharply changed its course on investment ...

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The Mountain View Manoeuvres – A Googol or Googly?

  Introduction    The aftermath of the Galwan valley standoff has seen the Indian Government send a clear message on its stand by championing self-reliance and putting in place a multitude of restrictions on Chinese investments into the ...

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